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Put a smile on your face & money in your pocket with Ragan Kettle Corn!


Excited about that next Trip? Want to earn money to pay for uniform fees, sports equipment and travel expenses? Let Ragan Kettle Corn be part of your fund-raising team!

Why Choose Ragan Kettle Corn?

Ragan Kettle Corn (RKC) is a disabled-veteran and locally-owned company committed to giving back to the community. Fund-raising opportunities through Ragan Kettle Corn can generate a 40% profit for your organization. Your friends and family receive uniquely delicious Kettle-popped Popcorn and the organization receives funds to get stuff done!

What organizations can participate?

To partner with Ragan Kettle Corn, the organization must be a legally structured not-for-profit organization. No individual needs, medical funds or family reunions accepted. Organizations must provide and enclose with application, specific documentation, as required by your state, to substantiate that your organization is exempt from sales tax on fund-raising purchases from us. We do not limit to 501-c3 organizations and will include sales tax in the price of the product, so that is not a calculation that will have to be made by the organization.

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